Car Oil and Fluids

Automotive Oils and Fluids – Your vehicle's lifeblood. The maintenance of liquids of your car is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. Oil is one of the most important fluids in your car as it acts as a lubricant for the engine's moving parts, preventing excessive friction and wear. But there are other vital fluids that need to be checked and changed regularly, such as brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant.

Engine oil- The oil engine oil is the most important fluid in your car. It lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reduces friction and heat, and cleans the engine of dirt and debris. Regular oil changes are vital to maintaining the health of your car's engine and extending its life. It is recommended that you change your engine oil every 5,000 km or every six months, whichever comes first. However, this may vary depending on your driving habits, climate and the type of oil you use. Be sure to check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended oil change interval.


There are two main types of transmissions: manual and automatic. Manual transmissions require the driver to manually shift gears using a clutch pedal and a gear lever. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, use a set of gears that change automatically based on the car's speed and other factors. Manual transmissions are generally more popular with car enthusiasts and those who enjoy driving. They give the driver more control over the car's performance and can be more engaging to use. However, they require more skill to use effectively and can be tiring to operate in heavy traffic or on long journeys.

Car Oil and Fluids

Car Oil and Fluids

Car Oil and Fluids

Brake Fluid-Brake fluid is responsible for transferring the force from the brake pedal to the brakes, allowing the vehicle to stop. Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture and become contaminated, leading to reduced brake performance and even brake failure. It is important to check your brake fluid regularly and replace it every two years. If you notice that your brake pedal is spongy or reaches all the way to the floor, it may be a sign that your brake fluid needs to be changed.

Power steering fluid- The hydraulic fluid steering wheel is vital for a smooth and easy ride. It helps transfer power from the steering wheel to the steering gear, allowing you to turn the wheels with ease. If you notice that your steering wheel is getting harder and harder to turn, it may be a sign that your power steering fluid needs to be changed. It is recommended that you change the power steering fluid every 50,000 km or as specified in your owner's manual.

Coolant- Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is responsible for regulating the temperature of your car's engine. It circulates through the engine and radiator, absorbing excess heat and preventing the engine from overheating. It is important to check your coolant level regularly and top it up if necessary. You should also replace your coolant every two to three years or as specified in your owner's manual.


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