JEEP Patriot (74) 2.0L Diesel 2007, 140 PS

ELF TRANS, SYN FE Differential oil 1l, for gearbox with sub-center angular transmission, 75W-140, API GL-5 2194750

  • Manufacturer Part Number:2194750
  • manufacturer:ELF
  • EAN number:3267025011764
  • Capacity [litres]:1
  • Oil:Fully synthetic oil
  • Additional product / information 2:for gearbox with sub-center angular transmission
  • oils - manufacturer's note:Ford WSL-M2C 192A, Scania STO 1:0, ZF TE-ML 05D, ZF TE-ML 12D, ZF TE-ML 16G, ZF TE-ML 21D
  • SAE Viscosity Class:75W-140
  • Specification:API GL-5
  • Product line:TRANS
  • Version:SYN FE
  • Condition:  brand new
  • ELFS:Differential oil
  • Product number:2194750

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