JEEP Cherokee V (KL) 3.2 V6 4×4

SIDAT Sensor, wheel speed Rear axle both sides, Hall sensor, with cable 84.1642A2

  • Manufacturer Part Number:84.1642A2
  • manufacturer:SIDAT
  • EAN number:8033208327886
  • Mounting side:Rear axle on both sides
  • Sensor Type:Hall sensor
  • Number of snap contacts:2
  • Additional product / information 2:with cable
  • for product code:84.1642A2
  • Enclosure form of the connection:with corners
  • Version:EQUIVALENT
  • Plug Color:black
  • Number of mounting holes:1
  • Condition:  brand new
  • SIDAT:Sensor, wheel revolutions
  • Product number:84.1642A2

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